Pokemon Psychic Adventures GBA ROM

Pokemon Psychic Adventures
NamePokemon Psychic Adventures
Inspired byPokemon Fire Red


Pokemon Psychic Adventures is the same as Pokemon FireRed, but Pokemon Psychic Adventures has many interesting features which are countless.

In Pokemon Psychic Adventures you have various tasks to complete, which makes it more challenging, This game is so big, we can’t discuss the complete Walkthrough but I will try to explain in short.

How to Use Hypnosis in Pokemon Psychic Adventure

To use Hypnosis in the game you will need a Pokemon that knows the Hypnosis move. Here are the steps to use Hypnosis in battles.

  1. Start a battle with an opposing Pokemon.
  2. Select the your Pokemon who knows Hypnosis.
  3. Choose the “Hypnosis” option from the list of moves.
  4. This are simple steps to use hypnosis.

Kepep in mind that this move cant work on some pokemon espacilly dark type pokemon.


When you will start the game, you will have only 3 starter Options (Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur) you need to select one of them.

The storyline of Pokemon Psychic Adventures is quite interesting and full of hard tasks, but I will not reveal the full storyline in order to keep the suspense.

Special Features

  • Brand new map
  • New and amazing storyline 
  • 1 to 7 Generation of pokemon included 
  • Better graphics 
  • Best sound quality 
  • Controlling girls 
  • 8 gym badges to collect 
  • Amazing Pokedex 
  • New areas
  • Legendary pokemon catchable 


The New map with an amazing storyline the game makes it more interesting and there are 8 Gym badges available which we have to earn during the whole journey.

There are many new areas that you will definitely like and the graphics Quality of the game is really awesome with the best sound quality.

If Downloading links are not working then comment below we will provide another, this Pokemon Psychic adventure was made by EvilGrin.


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