Pokemon Fire Red GBA ROM Download

Filename Pokemon fire red
Made forGBA
CreditGame Freak


Pokemon Fire Red is an enhanced version of Pokemon Red and Blue and it was developed by Game Freak, the game is not similar to Red and Blue. 

The game has many amazing features and some features are completely new for any pokemon gamer, so we request you to download and play.

The interface of the game is user-friendly and has features of view stats, which also every player to view their gaming data.

Special Features 

  • Pokemon from 4th generation 
  • Addition of new regions 
  • New island 
  • New moves
  • Team rocket in New role
  • Suncare on route 5
  • Changes in old moveset 
  • External trainer available 

So these are some special features of the game and you must know about them.

How to download and play Pokemon Fire Red.

Step1: Download the Pokemon Fire Red ROM file. 

Step2: Download GBA Emulator for Android/Pc.

Step3: Open Emulator and search for the Downloaded ROM file and select it.

After following all steps given above then your game will start running successfully.

So that’s over for this article, we hope that you have got all information you need and if we missed anything then comment below.

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