Pokemon Crystal Clear [ Download GBA ROM ]

File namePokemon Crystal Clear
Inspired byPokemon Crystal
Made forGBC
Version2.4.3 +

About Pokemon Crystal Clear

It is an open-world pokemon game, that is inspired by Pokemon Crystal and has modified features than Pokemon Crystal. 

Basically Pokemon Crystal Clear is an Open world game, and we have the freedom to do whatever we want.

I will explain the full storyline in short, first pick your starter pokemon and also pick starting region, from where you will start your journey.

In this journey you have 250+ pokemon to catch and 16 gym badges to earn, you can rechallenge Gym Leader.

You don’t have any restrictions, so you can do what you want.

How many starters does Crystal Clear Have

In crystal clear you have more than 20 pokemon, from which you can select any one as the starter pokemon and then you can start pokemon journey.

In normal pokemon games you just have 2 or 3 starter pokemon option but this is special thing about Pokemon Clear.

Magby and Cyndaquil  are most favorite starter in Crystal Clear any gamer prefer them and rated them as best starter pokemon, every individual has there own choice so you can explore more, aslo comment you favorite.

Features of Pokemon Crystal Clear

  • An open-world pokemon game.
  • 2 Starter town Johto or Kanto.
  • 2 Compatibility with Pokemon stadium.
  • 20+ Staters options. 
  • Character customization (Enabled).
  • Palette customization.
  • Gyms and Trainers are scalable.
  • Pokemon follower (Enabled).
  • Rechallenging Gym Leader.
  • Best map changes.
  • Brand new moves.
  • Chaining and Footprint system activated.
  • Buying a house in any region.
  • Improved loads.
  • Best picture quality.
  • Amazing storyline.

All these features make Pokemon Crystal Clear more special and one of the most interesting pokemon games.  

Ending lines 

We hope that you have successfully downloaded you ROM file of Pokemon Crystal Clear which best favorite open world pokemon game which is created by ShockSlayer, you must download it and play on your GBA emulator and give your feedback in comment section.

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