Pokemon Crystal Clear GBC ROM

pokemon crystal clear

File Name Pokemon Crystal Clear
Inspired By Pokemon Crystal
Console GBC
Credit ShockSlayer
Version 2.4.3 +

About Pokemon Crystal Clear

Pokemon Crystal Clear is an open-world Pokemon game inspired by and based on Pokemon Crystal, Basically, it’s an open-world game where we can do anything we want.

In order to begin your journey, choose your starter pokemon and the starting region, You have 250+ pokemon to catch and 16 gym badges to earn on this journey, and you can challenge Gym Leader again.

The storyline of Pokemon Crystal Clear

The player character in Pokemon Crystal Clear starts a journey to become the Pokemon Champion by traveling throughout Johto and Kanto regions, fighting with gym leaders, and catching every Pokemon. Along the way, they meet Team Rocket, who are trying to steal rare Pokemon for their evil purposes.

Special Features 

  • An open-world pokemon game.
  • 2 Starter town Johto or Kanto.
  • 2 compatibility Pokemon stadium.
  • 20+ Staters options. 
  • Character customization (Enabled).
  • Palette customization.
  • Gyms and Trainers are scalable.
  • Pokemon follower (Enabled).
  • Rechallenging Gym Leader.
  • Best map changes.
  • Brand new moves.
  • Chaining and Footprint system activated.
  • Buying a house in any region.
  • Improved loads.
  • Best picture quality.
  • Amazing storyline.

All these features make Pokemon Crystal Clear more special and one of the most interesting pokemon games.

How to Update Pokemon Crystal Clear

  1. Step: Your current save file should be backed up. This is crucial in case something goes wrong while updating.
  2. Step: At the Olivine PokeCenter, you can save your game progress before quitting.
  3. Step: The revised version should be used instead of the original game file (in.gbc format) (in this case, 2.2.0), Make sure the previous file’s name is carried over to the new one.
  4. Step: Launch the game, then go into the overworld. Get up and leave the Olivine PokeCenter.
  5. Step: Press A to interact with the building’s “POKE” sign.
  6. Step: You’ll be taken inside the structure if changing your save file is necessary. If the update was completed, you should hear a “Ding” sound.

Follow these simple steps to update Pokemon Crystal Clear.



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