Download Pokemon Ash Gray ROM

In this article you will get the download link Pokemon Ash Gray ROM. Ash Gray is similar to many game’s but Storyline of the game is similar to Pokemon FireRed. And like other games There are 160+ Catchable Pokemon and many other extra tasks are included in this game.

Pokemon Ash Gray
File namePokemon Ash Gray
Inspired byPokemon FireRed
Console GBA
Size2 MB

What is a Pokemon ROM?

A pokemon ROM is a digital file that contains all the data of the Pokemon game cartridge. These files can be played on a Pc or Android or IOS phone using an emulator, which allows you to experience the game without having the original cartridge.

ROMs are perfectly made for Pokemon Fans, who want to play the game without sending money on the original cartridges. Roms also allow you to try out different fan-made versions of the game which we called as Hack Roms, such as Ash Gray.

About Pokemon Ash Gray 

Pokemon Ash Gray is a fan-made Pokemon game which is completely Inspired by another game which is Pokemon FireRed. The game has the same characters, locations, and events as we see in Firered, in game you are controlling the main character of Ash Ketchum.

The story of Pokemon Ash Gray begins as Ash wakes up late on the day he was supposed to receive his first Pokemon. As a result, he misses his chance to get a starter Pokemon from Professor Oak. However, Ash finds his starter pokemon which is Pikachu, Ash meets Pikachu in the forest and he decides to take Pikachu under his care. From there, the journey to Ash begins.

Throughout the journey, Ash meets many friends and new people, And these people help Ash to become a Pokemon Master. 

How to run Pokemon Ash Gray ROM 

If you have already downloaded an emulator and Pokemon Ash Gray ROM, now Then you are can follow 

Open your emulator and select the File > Open Rom > browse for the Pokemon Ash Gray ROM file > click Open. 

Then your game will load up and you will be able to play it on your PC or Android.

There are a few things which you need to take care while playing a ROM Games. Firstly, save the latest progress of game when you complete any important task, because if your emulator crashes, you will lose your enitre game progress which was not saved. 

Secondly, take advantage of useing  cheats codes, Cheat Codes make the game much easier and even add more fun by giving you access to secret things like infinite money or Walkthrough Walls.


If you’re a fan of the Pokemon anime and games, then you’re going to enjoy playing Pokemon Ash Gray. Which allows you to experence Like of Ash Ketchum, making choices that affect the outcome of the story. You can also catch and train any Pokemon, Download Game now and start your pokemon adventure today. 

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